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by Matt Driscoll

Experience all that Gravenhurst has to offer

Gravenhurst is a beautiful place to visit or start on your journey exploring the Muskoka area! Our outdoor adventure filled town is home to many picturesque outdoor sights, with more than 50 lakes and countless trails and parks. This quaint town has a vibrant arts and entertainment community. Visitors enjoy the Muskoka Wharf with almost half a mile of boardwalk along Lake Muskoka. The historic downtown offers shops, restaurants and the famous circa 1901 Gravenhurst Opera House. Muskoka's famous Steamships and Discovery Centre and Bethune Memorial House National site are just a few of the many attractions. There is something here for everyone at the Gateway to Muskoka!

Visitors are welcome to our 275 Muskoka Road South office, just call ahead and let us know that you are wanting to stop by! We are also answering calls at 705-687-4432 and emails to ensure your questions are answered. You can also speak to a Gravenhurst Tourism Operator by clicking the chat button on the bottom right hand corner of your screen. We are happy to respond. 

What's Happening?

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Nature lovers can hike, kayak, cycle, boat, golf and more. Many cultural activities are also available - and don't forget about shopping.


Our famous Muskoka Steamships and Discovery Centre is just the beginning. We have countless attractions to help you fill your days with memories.


There are many tasty options. Relax at our restaurants, from casual to fine dining. A variety of take-out options make for great picnics.


Bed & Breakfast, Campgrounds, Cottage Rentals, Hotels, Inns or motels, we have the right accommodations for you.


Learn about winter, weddings and a great contest!


There is always something interesting in our calendar of all of events.

Muskoka Visitor Guide

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Gravenhurst Directory/Map

Your Gravenhurst experience starts here, at the gateway to Muskoka.

Muskoka Tourism

Gravenhurst is the gateway to Muskoka.  Visit the Muskoka Tourism website to learn more about the other towns and villages in Muskoka.