Canoeing/Kayaking in Gravenhurst, Muskoka

Gravenhurst has many smaller lakes and quiet bays that are perfect for paddling.

Day Trip Ideas

Gull Lake Park (Novice)

Parking is located at Bethune Drive and Bay Street.

An excellent spot for day paddling on Gull Lake and longer trips into Silver Lake to the southeast. These smaller lakes provide calmer water conditions. Enjoy Gull Lake’s rocky cliffs, marshes, and sand beach.

Kahshe Lake (Novice)

Parking is located on North Kahshe Lake Road.

Kahshe Lake offers many shallow bays and scenic shorelines for canoe/kayak exploring. There is a great mix of beautiful cottages and green space on this lake. Be sure to wear bright clothing / P.F.D. so motorized boat operators can easily see you.

Lake Muskoka Bay (Novice to Intermediate)

Parking is located on Bay Street west of Gravenhurst on Muskoka Bay. There is plenty of parking on or near the water and canoes or kayaks can be launched off of any of the public docks.

Muskoka Bay gives day paddlers the option of sightseeing in the shelter of the bay or paddle northwest approx. 4km to the “Narrows”. The “Narrows” is the throughway to the open water of Lake Muskoka. Caution: westerly winds can produce bigger waves. Busy summer weekends also mean increased motorboat traffic in the bay.

Sunny Lake (Novice)

Exit Doe Lake Road from Highway #11 and head east to Tomingas Road, turn right. Follow Tamingas Road for approx. 2.5 kms and watch for the northern tip of sunny lake on the left.

Sunny Lake is a long, thin lake with a handful of cottages on the firth shore and a smooth rolling rock shoreline to the southwest. Paddle to the very end of the lake and park your boat on the right side of the beaver dam and hike along the creek up to an amazing bird’s eye view of Three Mile Lake.

Nine Mile Lake (Novice to Intermediate)

Approx. 10mins northwest of Gravenhurst on HWY #169 to Southwood road, turn left. Drive ~5km then turn right on Nine Mile Road.

Nine Mile Lake offers a small lake feel with lots of big bays to explore. The very long, very thin bay that heads northwest has no cottages on it and has very little traffic. This bay also allows more seasoned paddlers the opportunity to portage into a chain of remote isolated lakes to the southwest. Watch for the portage on the left as you start your way up the northwest bay. Overnight trips into these lakes are a real treat.

Black River (Experienced)

A beautiful river trip is located 20-30mins southeast of the Town of Gravenhurst. This route will require a vehicle shuttle. Park one vehicle at the finish point, which is #169 bridge over the Black River approx. 6km southeast of Washago. Then drive to the very end of Black River Road off of Coopers Falls Road. Park your second vehicle at Victoria Falls. This road can be very muddy in early spring.

Some of the most stunning scenery in Muskoka can be viewed on this river. Before you start your trip down the river, take in the impressive Victoria Falls. A portage to the bottom of the falls is done via a trail on the south side of the river to carry around Ragged Rapids. Although a long portage, paddlers are rewarded with a great view of these powerful rapids at the trail’s highest point. The river carries you swiftly down to a short carry over around the majestic Coopers Falls. The rest of the Black River has a mix of calm flat sections and class 1 and 2 rapids.


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