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  • A senior leader, executive and consultant with a record of substantive bottom line accomplishments in financial services, high tech, transportation, wholesale and retail consumer products; equally adept in roles with large and small organizations in circumstances of start-up, growth and turn-around.
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Sales and Revenue

Where a sales increase is required in the immediate short-term we can help on pricing, quoting and closing. Often there is a sales funnel that requires clear definition and daily achievement on the metrics. In this case, coaching and mentoring of the sales people is helpful.

Production and Service

If you have excess production capacity, let’s help you get it filled — short-term or long-term. Often there are bottlenecks your employees know about, but you don’t.

Branding and Marketing

When you need to check how you are doing or you know it is time to chart a new course, we like to help by using the SWOT process. If you go to the Internet you will find 100s of excellent renditions of this process.

Finance and Accounting

We work with your numbers to determine where improvements can be made. Our team works closely with your bookkeeper or office manager and can show you reports in Quick Books or other accounting systems that can be helpful in running the business.


• As co-owner and operational director, both hired and lead a sales team and personally conducted presentations to become the # 1 sales organization in Canada for high end drinking water purification systems.

• Engaged as COO of a startup company that was integrating same day intra city with overnight intercity courier companies via elegant software; focused disparate partners and established a platform for growth.


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