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  • As Muskoka’s oldest continuously operating company, we have been at the heart of Cottage Country culture since the beginning. We like to think that over the last 145 years, we have crafted not only Muskoka’s most iconic beverages, but a piece of Muskoka culture itself. Whether you are relaxing on the dock, cruising the lakes, or playing lawn games, we’re there with you. With a roster of century-old recipes, modern creations, and pure Natural Spring Water itself, we have every occasion covered. From the drink in your hand to the clothes you wear, the food you eat, and the games you play, Muskoka Springs is proud to be a part. To us, Muskoka is more than a place. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a state of mind. We’re here to help you live that life every day of the year – wherever you go. Welcome to Muskoka. Muskoka Springs carries on this tradition in Gravenhurst bottling pure spring water with state of the art purification and bottling equipment.
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