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  • Rosseau Lake College is a co-ed Independent school offering grade 6 - 12 to approximately 110 students each year. Day students from the surrounding Muskoka/Parry Sound area, combined with boarding students from Canada and around the world, make up our diverse group of learners. Located in Northern Ontario on one of Muskoka’s most well-known lakes, RLC students are challenged and empowered through the adventures of a highly academic program; intentionally rooted in the vast opportunities of our incredible geographical setting. When students graduate from RLC, they have a developed sense of self and the skills, knowledge and confidence to take on any challenge. They are ready for anything.   
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“I find RLC to be incredibly progressive and adaptable. They are focused on developing kids for a future that we can’t see yet and I think that is probably the biggest reason why we sent my daughter there because we wanted her to be ready for anything. I want my child to be adaptable and resilient and ready for what comes in the future. RLC has that same philosophy and that is why we love it so much.”

Casey Erin Wood, Current Parent


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1967 Bright Street, Rosseau, ON P0C 1J0

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